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Vuojoki Mansion

History of Vuojoki Mansion

The beautiful neoclassical Vuojoki Mansion was designed by architecht C.L. Engel for Lars Magnus Björkenheim and his family. Engel’s work can be found in Finland especially in the capital Helsinki, and it’s central square. The manor is a very special manor on the countryside, as most of the Finnish manorhouses are wood-built, and this kind of castle-like buildings cannot be found elsewhere in rural Finland.

The mansion was ready in 1836, and the side buildings a year after, in 1837. The mansion was the largest estate in Eurajoki during it’s time, covering almost all of Eurajoki. There was greenhouse Orangerié, in which Björkenheim grew exotic fruits, peaches, pineapples and other plants, that had not been seen as north ever before. 

After different phases on the hands of Björkenheim’s ascendants, the mansion became property of the Eurajoki municipality, and served seven decades as a rest home for the elderly and disabled. The mansion was housing patients in it’s glorious rooms, that had been made more humble by lowered seilings and added partition walls.

In the year 2005 a large restoration to bring back the original form and rooms of he mansion was completed and the mansion was opened to public as a restaurant, meeting ang festivity venue and hotel by the help of Posiva Oy. A 40-year lease agreement on the mansion was made between Posiva and the municipality of Eurajoki, and a new pensioners home was built to the center of Eurajoki.


At the present day Vuojoki Mansion offers a variety of services from restaurant to accommodation and different experiences from guided tours to escape room, salsa and yoga lessons for groups upon booking.

We cater parties from small to large in our different rooms, for families, companies and friend groups.

During high season in July, the mansion has a summer restaurant services, and guided tours open for tourists.

We also arrange seasonal experiences, such as murder mystery dinners, ghost tours, guided mansion tours, that can be booked trough our webshop when available.

Vuojoki Mansion hosts several events during the year:

  • Mothers’ day lunch in May
  • Kartanon suviehtoo –summer event in August
  • National Horse Ploughing Championships in Septemer
  • Mapsion videomapping contest in October
  • Fathers’ day lunch in November
  • Kartanon lasten joulu -childrens chistmas event and Kartanon joulu -Christmas market in November

Services in Vuojoki Mansion

Contact us on or +35810 5797249 to hear more about our services.

Distances from Vuojoki

  • Pori 37 km
  • Rauma 18 km
  • Turku 107 km
  • Tampere 142 km
  • Helsinki 269 km
  • Olkiluoto 15 km

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